onsdag, februari 21, 2007

How does it feel?

Icke, smiling: Would you kindly change my temporary address to be a permanent address, so I can get a travel card for students?
Magistrattussi: Since when you are in Finland?
Icke: August 2003.
Magistratussi: You have the paper?
Icke, handing over paper that states I am a permanent resident in Finland: Yes. There you go.
Magistratussi: You have your passport?
Icke: Yes, sure.
Magistrattussi: So, what now, you study or you work in Finland?
Icke: Both.
Magistratussi: So, you came to Finland because of your studies?
Icke: No.
Magistrattussi, looks capriciously through her glass pane: Are you sure?
Icke: Yes.
Magistrattussi: So, this paper is not enough. Go and get the real paper.
Icke: Didn't I just gave you all the needed documents?
Magistrattussi: You have to go to Malmi to the immigration office and get the real paper and pay 40€ for it.
Icke: I do not have time to go to the immigration office during their opening hours made for people without a 9 to 5 job.
Magistrattussi: We need the real paper.
Icke: This is a real paper! There is the real police signet. Here you have my real passport. Why would I travel to Malmi, the middle of nowhere, waiting hours, paying 40€ for a resident permit card that I ll never need? You do understand that this a waste of time and money.
Magistrattussi: No, you won't get the card. You will get the paper. And may I remind you that..you..are..a..foreigner in this country! That makes you need the real paper.
Icke: I am a foreigner in this country and an EU citizen and I can stay here for 3 months in a row without even saying "PEEP". If I leave Finland all 3 months and re-enter, the 3 months start again.
Magistrattussi: You need to register if you stay longer than 3 months. We can see if you left the country.
Icke: I am registered! And how do you check if went over to Sweden by car, had a coffee in Vittula and came back to Finland? I didn't see any border controls.
Magistrattussi, pulse 150, takes my passport, looks at it: You are German?
Icke, wtf?,: Yes, I am.
Magistrattussi: You are German and that is why you compared to others understand me, don't you?
Icke, looking around, seeing big red questionmarks over the heads of my fellows from Russia and Pakistan, taking a deep breath, pulse around 200: What exactly was that suppose to mean?
Magistrattussi: Should I explain once more the whole procedure?
Icke: No, thank you!
Magistrattussi: You are welcome!


One hour later.
The price of what I buy exceeds 50€. In case of electronic purse, now is the time, when you do need some sort of ID.
The cashier looks at my resident card, smiles, returns both, my bank and my ID card, the receipt and whatever I purchased.

Icke: Thank you!
Cashier: You are welcome!

My temporary residence permit's expiration date is indicated just above my signature: 27th of July 2004.


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